Carolyn Drake: Internat

Article about the artist and photographer Carolyn Drake whose project Internat engaged her with a group of young girls who had been isolated in a Ukriane orphanage.


Kerry James Marshall

Painter whose sole intention is to get more images of black people in galleries. To do this he realised that he needed to be a good painter so he becomes better at painting by copying the styles of other painters i.e. rococco large scale historical scenes, impressionist plein air.  You can see it in all his paintings, a need and desire to develop – so anything goes. FIDGETY ARTISTS. He has, as a result become an excellent technical painter [on top of his powerful image making skills]. When making a painting, he will make the clothes / costumes for the models to wear and will get the flowers in and then sets it all up with mannequins as opposed to models.

He has a constant conversation with the History of Art and will take anything from a few weeks to a decade to complete a painting.

Kerry James Marshall, Nude [Spotlight], 2009
Kerry James Marshall. Slow Dance

Ref: Nude

Ref: Slow Dance

Alison Mayne

PHD researcher in Sheffield exploring womens crafting experiences. Presented a paper at Glasgow FTC, November 2015.

Mayne, Alison: ‘Exploring the personal identity and collaborative offline/online communities of thread and yarn based craftswomen’

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Village Quilting Bee

For part of the PHD I am considering setting up a 3 month trial Quilting Bee in my village, I am keen for this to be a multi-generational project although I will not force it if it does not happen. To attract possibly different age ranges I am thinking about running one session during the week in a morning and another in an evening.

I am not a knowledgeable quilter so it will be interesting to see if it is something we will all develop knowledge of together or if people will attend with a range of quilting skills already?

I am also keen to stick with the original concept of a quilting bee which would ensure groups of people coming together, socializing and eating but with the aim to create quilts quickly (many hands working together) for families in need when the settlers were moving into new homes etc.

I have many questions about setting one up, need to find an appropriate space etc. In the meantime, I have been invited to one that is already up and running in a village near by so we will see what that brings.  I also intend to join in with a craft club (where everyone gets on with their own work) at a coffee shop in town.

Women and Children at a Quilting Bee, Manitoba, Canada. (1880-1950?)


Painting by Grandma Moses of a Quilting Bee, (1940-1950)