Ana Lupas: The Solemn Process 1964 – 2008

Ana Lupas is a Romanian artist.  In this work she worked with communities in the  Transylvanian village of Salistea Sibiului, she consider herself  and her role as the ‘initiator’. She would invite local people to use old traditions and build monumentally scaled wreaths onto wire netting which had been stretched over a premade skeletal structure (made / designed by her?). Once made, these artefacts would be displayed in the home, on farmland as objects of interest. Over several years, such objects were made. the idea would be passed on through families and villages but after 10/12 years, due to a worsening economic climate –  the making of the works stopped.

Lupas, knowing these works were now deteriorating, she started to draw them to restore them and perhaps act as a commemoration.

For the last (latest) stage of the work, the wreaths have been gathered and stored in metal containers which are formed in the shape of the original wreaths.

Lupas states that it reflects ‘behavioural patterns, engendered by a tradition that has been validated for several millenia by being kept alive in the community’s consciousness’

Tate etc. Vol 2017. Issue 39. p93


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