Quilting Skill Development

I decided it was time to start and develop a few further quilting skills and explore possibilities of composition. Although I am not sure if quilting will be the best direction to go in terms of practice, my gut feeling suggests keep going with it. Not sure why I am a little nervous about it, I suspect it is because of its loaded nature but I believe that is exactly why I should be pursuing it further.

This is a quilt top that I actually made from a plan as opposed to ‘lets see what happens’. If this work is going to develop as image, then I will need to gain a lot more control and understanding of the technicalities of quilting. If the direction becomes more about the act of making then this may be less of an issue.

Quilt Top [development]. Cotton: plain and printed. 70 x 40 cm [Perren, 2015]
Quilting leftovers are becoming more of a point of reference. Keep more scraps!

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