Hunched Studies

Working over a frame or on a machine can cause physical pains in your arms and back, after an hour or 5 you find yourself having to get up and stretch and are incredibly aware of the force of labour.

Upon review of some of the photographs I was taking during the quilting case study I found further clarity of this experience and decided to start observing the form as a mode to express notions of active [slow] labour.

I created a series of about 20 drawings of these shapes and attempted to capture both the slowness and repetitive action that was being carried out. I don’t believe I quite captured it but I am keen on developing this perhaps at a later stage. It was created using a layout pad, I enjoy being able to see through from one drawing to the next.

As a development, I began to explore a range of stuffed forms and explored laying 2d work out that suggested form.



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