Revisiting some earlier Paintings

Over the for 5 or 6 years I have explored making my own materials, mainly paints [tempera, oils and gouache] but also chalk pastels. I am interested in developing greater connections and other experiences from the making of a painting or drawing itself.

I am very much an amateur paint maker [and painter] but I am wondering what part this element of my practice may bring to this research. By questioning the nature and materiality of the materials I [and others] utilise within amateur craft making, what may this bring to the table?

I think that before I start to question this to much, I will need to develop a better understanding of the kinds of materials and tools that are filling hobbiest craft makers cupboards, what are standard in hobbiest craft shops?

Here are some paintings I made with tempera paint while I was busy formulating the ideas and question for this research. This paint has been made on the day with fresh egg yolks and artist grade pigments which is how paint was typically used between the 12th and 15th century, following this oil paints became the more usual medium of choice. Today, tempera paint is more commonly used and known as ‘primary school paints’ although it does not use eggs.

Two Forms. Egg Tempera on Paper, 55 x 74 cm [Perren, 2014]
Egg Tempera Study. Egg Tempera on Paper.55 x 74 cm [Perren, 2014]


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