Further Quilt Explorations

The Quilters Guild had [now not open to the public] a gallery in York and so I decided to head over with the intention of doing some further painted and drawn studies of what I found.

At the time the Ancestral Gifts exhibition. For this exhibition, Kaffe Fassett had been invited to view a collection of quilts within the archive and create contemporary responses. For these quilts he used his own print collection of fabrics.

The exhibition had been curated so the archived and new quilts sat alongside or opposite each other. In a lot of my own drawings and practice I am drawn to the use of a lot of rich and sometimes bright colours, I certainly don’t hold back. the interesting point for me was that Fassett’s fabrics are similar but I found them overwhelming. Perhaps next to the greater subtlety’s  of aging, the archived quilts commanded so much more presence and asked, rather than demanded to be observed.

My intention had been to spend an hour or two but without realising, it turned into a full day, below are a selection of sketches and a painting that was made once I returned to my studio.

Hearts & Crosses Coverlet Study [Perren, 2015]
Organic Radiation Study [Perren, 2015]
Tailors Samples Canadian Red Cross Quilt Study [Perren, 2015]
Quilt Study, Gouache on Paper, 53 x 53 cm [Perren, 2015]



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