Gee’s Bend Quilt Studies

As stated in a previous post, I am keen to understand the designs and the possible steps that were taken to piece the quilt tops. This could be done in a much quicker way such as line drawing but by painting the designs out, I get a greater sense of the making process beyond function.

I enjoy spending time observing even small photographs / replicas of the originals, since I can remember visiting galleries, I have always drawn from what I see or at least made written notes. I tend to avoid reading the text that puts the exhibition in context or explains an artwork until I have spent a good deal of time with the work first. Forming my own understanding of an artwork, image or painterly mark provides an insight that may or may not be hoped for by the artist but I am not sure that even matters.

Here are a series of paintings I did in gouache on cartridge paper over a period of a couple of weeks. I have also provided a copy of the image that inspired my version, they are not replicas or copies but studies of something that I admire.

Annie Mae Young born 1928.Strips circa 1975. Corduroy. 101×66″
Annie Mae Young Study [Perren, 2015]
Sally Bennett Jones 1944-1988 Centre medallion of triangles, surrounded by multiple borders. 1966. Cotton. 86 x 77 “
Sally Bennett Jones Study of a Quilt Centre Panel. Gouache on Paper [Perren, 2015]

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