Drawing the Gee’s Bend Quilts.

I was keen to understand the designs a little more beyond flicking the pages of the book mentioned in the previous post. I completed a range of sketches and then started on some paintings.

This series of images shows the development and process of making the study of the first image.


Study of String Pieced Quilt by Loretta Pettaway:11.5 x 17 inches. Painted in Gouache on cartridge paper. 2015

I was drawn to the apparent areas of blocking and wanted to consider where the parameters of each block connected to the next. In the original photograph the wear and tear was clear to see with apparent signs of regular use. My image has flattened out these signs and eliminated the creases, not sure if this is good but that had not been my initial intention.

This is the beautiful original quilt by Loretta Pettaway.


Loretta Pettaway, born 1942. String-pieced quilt, 1960. Cotton twill and synthetic material [men’s clothing]. 94 x 76 inches


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