Sun/flowers and a Mouse

As we got towards the end of making the quilts we began to think about what else we might want to add. We had sewn in enough lines diagonally across the quilt to establish its ‘usefulness as a quilt’. Again, everyone requested that I provide clear guidelines [despite my objections], once they were given, after a week people just started to do what they wanted.

I had been thinking about the utilitarian nature of stitching in the Gee’s Bend quilts and the simplicity of Japanese quilts. From this I had suggested that we stick to geometric shapes and / or the follow lines of the pieced blocks. I found myself sewing at one end of the quilt one week and could not see what else was going on.

To my total surprise, at the end of the session when I walked round to see what we had all been up to I found a moon, several flowers, a leaf and the outline of a large eared mouse [apparently a favoured motif of that quilter] – not too dissimilar too Mickey Mouse.

Again, the quilters seemed very happy to subvert the direction of the quilting.



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