Each of the quilting sessions were voice recorded [except the last one as the battery had run out]. Here is a list of the ‘topics of conversations’ that took place and words that would be repeated over the first few sessions. As we got to know each other in the later sessions, moments of quiet working would happen.

cutting, 6″, angles, rulers, scissors, rotary cutters, tools, trying, tricky, rule, checking, jaunty, not metric, simplicity, other fabric choices, cm or inches, tea, cotton, sewing, coffee, pinning, Kaffe Fassett, colour, knitting shops in Spain with all the old ladies outside, arthritis, biscuits, university, do you know …

concentrated blocking of colour, measuring, balance of colour, move that one, trimming, what do you think, turn it round, symmetrical, does it matter, free flow, finished width, their not all dead flat, precut, wonky, take a picture, ironing the seams, ooh – special iron, stretching seams, straight lines, tea, wonderful, holmfirth, are you alright Katy?

[church bells in the background], left handed, where shall I sit, passing the needle on, we all voted to do the lines, handout, short lengths, small holes, threaders, a 1000 threads, thumb, ambidextrous, the lines are the wrong way, oh that is going that way, maybe we should just go for the practical option, invisible knots, we know what we should do.

stitching on the lines, parallel, how are you? how do you do the know again? that needle is tiny, weather, tail inside, raining, distracted, Look North, meal worms, quinoa, protein, American quilts, chaos, history, GCSE exam today, Being Human, speeding, unfinished knitting projects, does anyone want sugar?, gym, go me…

London, i’m taking the digestives, double espresso and a fag, red bush tea, factories, that’s what I forgot, I would like red, free, longer thread, quilting books, threading all your needles onto one spool and pulling the thread through them, running stitch, sunshine, labour, they’ve done more than me, where have I got too? folk art

Goodness me – I never thought of myself as a political, i’m going to tell my husband, that’s why I can’t wear dresses, exhibition, feminist slogans, university, re-invention, archive, railway museum, coffee, working extra fast, scarecrow festival, it’s Mickey Mouse, where is the needle, my back, church hall, clamps, YSP


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