Not One but Two Quilting Bees

So after not too much more thought about the implications, I set up a Quilting Bee in my Village [Meltham, Holmfirth] which would initially run during two different times. I was interested in the connections between home life, work life and engaging with a hobby [which was how I recognised quilting in this context] and was therefore keen to engage with people from a variety of backgrounds and current situations. For this reason I set up a lunch time and and evening group, each would follow the same framework. As I suspected, the evening group attracted people who worked during the day as well as retiree’s but the daytime session only attracted retired people.

I put adverts in the local post office and shops and then just waited to see how many, if any would be interested. I had made the decision to call it a Quilting Bee for no other reason than that is what I thought they were called, later I was informed that this was an American term and not one that would usually be used in the UK.  The politics of Quilting…



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