Magali Reus

Also spotted in the April 2014 Art Review and discussed in this online Frieze article is the domesticated looking work of Magali Reus. Aluminum, powder coating, magnets, PVC, toilet paper, pigments play around with items associated with both the household and the painters studio.

Martine Heidegger’s Totality of Equipment is mentioned in the journal article by Morgan Quaintenance when an observation is made that Reus’s objects are not idealised and plucked from our understanding of the physical engagement.  Could do with looking into this further.

Other key phrases / word collections inc: poetics of domesticity, non-functioning equipment, bloodless artificiality of the administrators office, fabricated (not appropriated), dirty realism, the anxiety of home ownership, precariat state.

Lukes (Wet Wet), 2013 (detail)
Powder coated, folded and riveted steel, powder coated aluminium foil, rusted knife, bio resin, pigments, protective netting, laser cut and powder coated aluminium, toilet paper, laser cut steel, magnets,
foam foot soles, shellac, rusted sheet, PVC, cotton
73 x 110 x 140 cm

reus 1 reus 2


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