Dean Hughes

I recently came across the work of Dean Hughes in Art Review (April 2014), the article was a review of his work at the Maria Stenfors gallery in London and was written by Jennifer Thatcher.

The particular work I was drawn to appeared to be orange towels hung on a towel rail – domesticity. They were in fact dyed calico, hung over a re-constructed wooden canvas frame (or made to look like this). It held the language of painting and process within it, but seemed to shy away from the seriousness of painting.

A particular quote written by Thatcher caught my imagination ‘But Hughes’s works are not retro; they are not paeans to the kind of wholesome craftmaking that we like watching on TV. If they are nostalgic, it is for a time when objects and materials were valued, not threatening to overwhelm us; when terms like ‘activity’ and its cousin ‘hobby’ were commonplace, before we all got too busy and distracted’.

web link to exhibition

‘Windowless work’, 2013, wood, dyed calico and thread, 64 x 42 x 4.5 cm

dean hughes


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