Joyce J Scott

While in New York I visited the Museum of Art & Design [MAD] to see two fantastic exhibitions. One was showing the work of Joyce J Scott and the other was a large exhibition called New Territories which presented the work of contemporary design, art and craft from Latin America. Both were exceptional and provided some fascinating food for thought.

Joyce J Scott. Water Mammy 1, 2012

Scott works primarily with glass and seed beads [or at least this is what this exhibition focus’s on]. She is interested in storytelling through her art and raising our awareness and preserving the history of Black American Women (amongst other things).

When working with seed beads she uses a technique called Peyote stitching. I was transfixed by a video of her making while chatting and singing in front of the camera.

I was not aware of this technique prior to this exhibition but I have for several year been an avid collector of seed beads. This was something to explore.

I am in the process of watching an interview (by Sonya Clark) of the American Crafts Council, initially I enjoy the idea of a 1st person relationship with materials and allowing a body of work (in various mediums) to develop until a piece speaks to you in the language for which it was formed to convey. I will add to this as I progress further with the video.

Water Mammy 1:


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