Poorly Quilt Making

On our last day in NYC I came down with full blown flue, upon my return I was bed bound for a week before I started to re-emerge as human. When this happened I pulled out the samples of cloth I had bought [fat and skinny quarters apparently which I later learnt to be the standard sizing terms for cloth bought for quilting] and considered what i could do with them.

I chopped them into random strips and started to sew them together, once I had a piece for the top I joined it to a piece of pink ripstop nylon I had in my fabric draw. I had assumed that like making a bag, you do it back to back with some wadding in between and then turn it out… Although my eye’s were working enough to do some hand sewing, I could not cope with a screen to research you tube for all my answers.

For some bizarre reason, I chose to not make it square or rectangular either so it is a kind of zig zag ish shape instead.

Although I found out later how wrong I had been when doing my first quilt sample, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of just trying it out and pulling bits of fabric together into something that looked like a thing. Upon reflection, when I was in the shop buying fabric, I had bought a book on Simple Japanese Bags [lovely book], I think my intention had been to use the cloth for bags. However, being stuck in bed had taken me on an unexpected path in which the making of a quilt, intuitively seemed to be a direction my research and practice should take.


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