Simon Withers

Withers utilises modes of the craft based hobbiest for non (direct) related concepts.

On his blog:

I have an interest in paper folding kits, whether a duplicate of Gaudi’s ‘Casa Milla’ or a down load of the ‘Twin Towers’ from the Internet, both examples remain unmade. The notion of making is more rewarding, more enticing than assembling and constructing; completion is not my interest.

A declared interest toward craft based materials and DIY hobby project kits give rise to subversive treatment or alteration at the very least. The initiation of an altered method of ‘Artisanship’ is a process of ‘self’ apprenticeship.’ The materials used in hobby sets permit deliberate experimental miss judgments Injecting and responding to unexpected outcomes while working with craft materials is part of the humanity. An enhanced contemporary gravitas will have been in part stimulated from Folk Culture and Mythology. The work and the constituent of the nature of being are in part illuminated through myth. Arthurian legend for example utilises profound knowledge and esoteric wisdom to convey a story or a cosmic drama that also embodies symbolic messages.

blog link

Protection Bell (Experimental Work) [2003?]

I remember making collages with this technique as a child for local craft fairs with my mum as a child.



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